Flying again!

It’s almost exactly a year (a year and a week, to be precise) since I last posted anything here, and that too was about a flying experience. In one of life’s little coincidences, my Dad happens to know someone who lives in this part of the world and is also a flying instructor. We’ve been trying to fix up an opportunity to go out for a flight for a couple of months now and finally, after a few days of relentless drizzle, the skies cleared last night to give us the perfect day for it.


This is a very rough approximation of the route we took (I should have used the running app on my phone to record the actual route as I did the last time) – heading towards Longforgan and then North up towards the Grampians before heading to the coast and back to Dundee. We flew through a number of the glens, and I had the opportunity to take the controls on a couple of occasions. Unlike driving where the road holds you up, it takes some practice to keep a plane level, especially when the air currents intervene!


Looking down the runway as we take off


Loch Brandy (Glen Clova)

Lunan Bay – Angus Coast (with Montrose in the top left)



River Tay – Fife Coast on the left and Dundee on the right. The closer bridge is the Tay Road Bridge and the one further away is the Tay Rail Bridge.

Broughty Castle, Broughty Ferry

Fife and the Tay Bridges

Dundee and Balgay Hill

Coming in to land at Dundee Airport

Piper Warrier

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