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I was up at the hospital in good time this morning so that I could use the internet card I bought yesterday to connect to the wifi hotspot in the hospital before the ward round. Internet here is satellite based and unlimited data use is not a concept that exists! There are a number of packages that you can get, but 30GB a month will cost £180 (Falkland pounds are equivalent to pounds sterling), although you can use the internet for free between midnight and 6am. The most expensive package costs over £400 (for 70GB)! Therefore my internet use right now consists of writing blog posts and emails offline and then connecting just long enough to send/receive them. Just like the old days of dial up really, there’s not much use of Netflix here.

The hospital day starts with the ward round at 8.30am and involves quite a bit of discussion before going to see the patients. We had a pretty impressive line up of staff, including 3 medical officers (who do both GP and hospital work), the Canadian GP trainee, visiting ENT consultant, consultant anaesthetist and consultant surgeon. All this for 3 patients! It may not be possible to perform the same levels of investigation here, but the good thing is that you have access to all your hospital staff very easily when needed, and as it turns out, an ENT surgeon was just what we wanted this morning.

Following the ward round I spent the rest of the morning in the clinic with one of the GPs who’s been doing locum work here for the past 3 months. We had an interesting mix of patients, and I also had the opportunity to see a steroid injection into someone’s knee which isn’t something I’ve managed to see before now. I spent this afternoon in A&E but we had a bit of a dearth of patients. The nature of the workload here is very variable, and also fluctuates depending on the number of ships that are currently in harbour. Visiting ships bring a variety of patients including fishermen, tourists and of course, ships’ crew members. I’ve been given a mobile phone so that if anything interesting occurs I can always be called in. The hospital is only about 5 minutes walk from my B&B so it’s easy enough to get down there in a hurry.

When I left the kids were all out in the playground and on their mountain bikes after school and I took advantage of the sun to get some photos of Kay’s gnome garden, which is so well known that it features on the tourist map and people come up here specially to view it. 

2018 02 20 001 jpg

2018 02 20 004

2018 02 20 009

Unfortunately a lot of the flowers didn’t survive the big storm a couple weeks ago, but having come from Scotland in the winter it seems very colourful to me, nonetheless, and I’m really enjoying the flowers.

2018 02 20 003

2018 02 20 005

2018 02 20 006

2018 02 20 007

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