Something warm to wear whilst I’m away

I finished the scarf I started on the weekend. But as a lesson, next time I should remember that it’s better to stop before you run out of yarn. I’m quite pleased with the two tone effect, but it’s a shame about the slightly holey bits, especially the scruffy end where I tried to rectify my running out of yarn mistake.


Mum has come to visit for the weekend, and one of our first jobs this afternoon, as part of Antarctic preparation was to visit the knitting shop to buy yarn for my Antarctic project (Boogie Vest). Of course, we couldn’t leave the shop without Mum picking up something too – the makings of a couple scarves.

On the train up to Amsterdam for choir practice we took out the needles and the trusty instruction book, and learnt how to make cables, which fortunately turned out to be easier than I had anticipated. Along the way, Mum picked up a mistake I was making, which also explained the odd effects I’d noticed in my practice pieces the last couple nights. It just goes to show that if you haven’t done something in a while, it’s maybe good to double check the instructions again!

Knitting is fun…

… especially if you’re a kitten.

Way back when, round about this time of year, Jen, Dad and I took a trip up to Churchill, Manitoba to see the polar bears. We travelled from Toronto – spending 3 days on the train. On the way, Jen taught me how to knit, patiently putting down her own knitting (a hat for Dad) every time I dropped a stitch. My plan had been to make a scarf to wear whilst we were in Churchill, but I didn’t actually manage to finish it until we were back in Winnipeg.

Anyhow, after that I started a sweater, and actually made some decent progress with it, until a certain point when I got confused, put it to one side in the hope that someone could tell me how to fix it, and forgot about it.

Now that I’m about to head off to Antarctica, I’m contemplating having a go at a new knitting project. Nothing too complicated (famous last words) but something to get my teeth into on the “at sea” (and hopefully not seasick) days. First of all, though, I thought I should take out the knitting needles again and see if I could actually remember how.

After a few false starts, I finally managed to cast on, only to discover that Rasha had chewed the yarn right through. Another attempt, and I manage to create a few rows of stockinette stitch, before giving it to Rasha to kill.