GCG0PA – Shetland, UK

Visiting Shetland, we went to find this cache on Jen’s birthday. A slightly drizzly day (what can you expect from Shetland in January), but fun nonetheless and we enjoyed the scramble.

Rereading the log of my visit, I realise that we promised one of Jen’s poems… maybe we can revisit on my next trip!

(We had a quick look for another cache GCRRQE 2 days later on the way to the airport, but the pouring rain and lack of time defeated us)

GCMGGK – Madrid, Spain

I came to Madrid in an attempt to escape the dreary January weather, only to find that it travelled with me.

After the success of my first Geocache, I set out on a hunt for my second – a multi-cache, which took me on a small walk between a number of monuments – certainly a nice way of discovering some parts of the city which I might otherwise not have visited. Having found it, I must admit that I passed much of the rest of the afternoon travelling from tapas bar to tapas bar, where at least I could stay a little warmer!

Since I’m writing this two years on, it’s sad to report that neither of these two caches is still active.