It’s official!  I got the keys to the allotment this morning.  We also picked our first produce – two giant courgettes, which have taken advantage of the limited attention they’ve received recently to grow to mammoth proportions.

The previous owner had had the allotment for about 40 years, and originally also used it for growing vegetables.  More recently it’s been converted to a flower garden, and I’m going to have some work getting it ready for serious vegetable growing again.  Should be a lot of fun.

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2 Responses

  1. ann chance says:

    You certainly have your work cut out with an allotment of that great magnitude. Best of luck.

    • heronphotography says:

      Don’t I just! Fortunately I’m receiving offers of weeding help from all directions, and it’s about only 5 minutes walk from the office, so very convenient as a lunchtime getaway. Surely nothing can work as a better destressor than a bit of digging (except perhaps hitting a punch bag!)

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